Should you paint before remodeling?

We recommend painting once all the main structural and functional work has been done, but before installing new floors or carpets. Basically, the floors are the last, so you can avoid the wear and tear, tools and dust brought by multiple contractors, tools and dust that comes with a complete renovation. There are several factors that affect the painting program. The most important one relates to the type of home renovation or improvement you are doing.

In most cases, we suggest not painting first. Proper painting techniques should always be applied at the last stage of a remodel or renovation before final cleaning. While it's true that you can do the finishing work before placing the floor or other aspects of a project, you'll almost always have to go back and touch it up. And why create the need to do something twice when you can approach your project in the right order, to begin with? Many people believe that a painting project should always come first, before other home improvement jobs.

And often, you'll want to apply the paint before jumping into other projects, especially if you're buying new rugs. Professional painters can take steps to protect your carpet, but if you're going to change it anyway, you could also paint with the carpet you're going to get rid of.

Mario Krakowsky
Mario Krakowsky

Mario is a dedicated writer with over 15 years of experience in home remodeling, possesses an innate passion for transforming spaces and giving life to homes. His deep industry knowledge, coupled with practical insights, has made him a trusted source of inspiration for DIY enthusiasts and professional remodelers alike.