What is the method statement for renovation works?

The method statement includes a safe working procedure and control measures, which you can edit and add the details of your project. Analyze the preparation, disassembly, plastering, decoration, conditioning and adjustment of carpets. A method statement is a document that describes how to safely perform a task. You can think of a method statement as a set of instructions or a work plan.

Method statements are also known as safe work systems, safe working method statements, or SWMS, for short. And that's because they describe the method (or system) of work. Method statements are documents that detail exactly how to carry out the work safely. To ensure the health and safety of the work, method statements are essential.

The purpose of method statements is to describe safety precautions in a high-risk work environment to control the risks identified in the risk assessment. Rather than repeating the information already contained in a risk assessment, a statement about the method improves the information collected for the risk assessment and goes further when planning the sequence of the activity. The method statement will plan the work in a logical sequence and provide information about the controls and precautions (which you identified in the risk assessments) needed at each step.

Mario Krakowsky
Mario Krakowsky

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