Will any decks need to be removed or added during the house remodeling project?

You can remove the worn platform rails and then replace them. Pressure-treated wood is the most common material for the lower structural part of the deck. While the code requirements may determine the materials of the bottom deck, there are several options available for the top platform. One way to renew a deck is to remove old materials from an existing deck and replace them.

This method reduces costs, since there is no need to rebuild the entire outer shell structure. What will replace your deck? It can be another terrace, a garden or a shed. Maybe consider a concrete or cobblestone patio, which has advantages and disadvantages compared to a deck. If you are planning to rebuild the terrace, be sure to consider all options, including the composite deck, which lasts much longer than wooden boards, minimizes maintenance, and has other advantages.

Removing a deck will decrease the value of your home depending on the type of deck you have and what replaces it. If a large, functional terrace is not replaced with a similar deck or patio, the value of the house will be reduced in most cases. This is especially true when most homes in your neighborhood include decks. That's why it's important to plan for replacement.

The best way to demolish a platform is from the top down, immediately removing each component or assembly from the work area once it is free of cuts. Wear long pants, long sleeves, sturdy shoes, gloves, and ear and eye protection. Always work from a comfortable, firm position and don't go overboard. Open closed, multi-level covers.

Check the electrical connections and hire an electrician if you need one. Then, look at weak wood, missing or broken fasteners, and unstable posts. It's also not uncommon to find wasp nests or animal dens under and around old decks. Don't try to avoid them.

The accounting board will come off quite easily once you unscrew the locks that connect it to the house. The ledger is usually a long, heavy board, so step away from it when you remove the last bolts. If you can't get the book out easily, look for locks hidden by the hardware that hangs from the joist. Cut the book in half or in three if it's too heavy to carry in the trash.

Where you can learn everything you need to know about building your terrace project. Learn about wood and composite materials for decking An in-depth look at the complex topic of how to build stairs At some point, an old deck may need to be removed, due to its age or condition. Learn more about what a demolition and roof removal project entails. As you move forward, check the space between the house and the terrace boards to make sure they are parallel to the house.

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