What is an accent color on a house?

An accent color is essentially a tone that is used in relatively small amounts in a space, to add impact and interest. Accent colors are used to bring personality and joy to an otherwise boring color combination. They can be striking or vivid because they are used sparingly, but their main function is to highlight the dominant color. This means that they can contrast with the dominant color or complement it.

It just depends on the results you're looking for. Even dark colors and neutrals can be accent colors. A modern combination of white, black and blue combines this lime green kitchen corner. Whether your home has modern simplicity or ornate architectural elements from centuries ago, these guidelines can help you create your home's color palette.

Start by developing a whole-house color palette with the dominant tones you'll use most often. When designing an interior around a main tone, there's room to incorporate accent colors to jewelry into your design scheme for even greater visual appeal.

Mario Krakowsky
Mario Krakowsky

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