What rugs are trending 2023?

Vintage, retro, and antique rugs are often sold as collectibles and often come with great details and artistic ornaments. Welcome the warmest natural colors next year. We expect to see many earthy tones (such as olive green, golden yellow, warm rust, and clay tones), which always help create an accessible, warm, and well-lived space, Wahler notes. Kristen Rivoli, from Kristen Rivoli Interior Design, agrees.

In terms of color, nature will continue to be a major trend, with shades of coral, green and blue, along with neutral earthy tones. This trend is perfect for those looking for new ways to use their old rugs and it also goes well with the vintage trend. Applying a biophilic design approach to area rugs would be as simple as finding rugs made from natural materials and those with textures and designs that mimic organic objects found in nature. This revival of aesthetics from the 1970s has also influenced home design trends, as it has inspired interior designers to use materials with interesting textures, earthy tones, and even curved furniture and decorations.

To give it a fresh perspective, take a look at the biophilic design trend, which is a philosophy that incorporating the outside world into interior decoration can increase mental health and decrease stress. This trend makes it easy to bring your style to all spaces, including areas of your home that are often overlooked and have a lot of traffic. Inspired by boho and maximalist styles, this trend aims to create a relaxed and eclectic environment in your home. We'll help you design the most incredible interior in your home with a simple rug, providing you with useful tips and lots of inspiring images.

Mario Krakowsky
Mario Krakowsky

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