When remodeling do you do floors first?

In the end, there's no clear answer as to whether you should do the walls or the floors first. The general rule is to renew the part that takes a long time and is not easy to damage. However, the answer is not as clear as I would like. It depends on the soil category, the longevity of the design and the subsurfaces.

Here are a few things Chip recommends considering before deciding whether cabinets or floors come first. At best, if possible, we generally suggest that preparatory work be done on the walls before installing the floor. The final painting job can be completed as a finishing touch once the floor is in place. Placing floors under cabinets can cause wood to warp when it starts to expand.

This could seriously damage your new floor. For this reason, some professionals recommend placing wooden floors after finishing cabinets and appliances.

Mario Krakowsky
Mario Krakowsky

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