What type of insulation will be used for the house remodeling project?

The most common types of materials used in the manufacture of foam plates include polystyrene, polyisocyanurate (polyiso), and polyurethane. The second most common type of insulation we use in the remodeling process is spray foam. Aerosol foam insulation is used to seal wall, floor and ceiling cavities against air movement. If properly applied, spray foam never loses its shape over time.

It won't compress, sag, or settle. The foam is made from organic chemical compounds derived from petroleum extracts. Although this may seem dangerous, it is considered safe for the environment and one of our favorite options for maximum efficiency. The choice of insulation material will depend on these factors.

The four most common types of insulation are spray foam, fiberglass, cellulose, and mineral wool. Fiberglass, cotton or mineral wool blocks provide basic, solid insulating properties. The pre-cut parts conform to standard construction techniques. They require special care to place them around pipes and wiring, although compression doesn't reduce performance as much as is commonly thought.

Mario Krakowsky
Mario Krakowsky

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